Theological ethics draws out the practical implications of the Christian faith for individual and social life. In doing this, it relies not only on the Bible and the Christian tradition, but engages in dialogue with philosophical ethics and with other academic disciplines relevant to the subject at hand. Situated between the academy, the church, and civil society, theological ethics fulfils a threefold task: It gives a rational account of a specific aspect of the Christian understanding of man and its place in the world, assists the church in processes of opinion building and decision making, and informs public discourses on morally relevant issues of various kinds.

The Chair for Systematic Theology II (Ethics) is involved in the activities of the Department of Theology and of the university as a whole in various ways. We

  • offer courses on a variety of topics in theological ethics
  • engage in research in the field of general ethics, biomedical ethics, and political ethics
  • contribute to special academic programs such as the elite graduate program “Ethics of textual cultures”
  • cooperate with other research institutions within the country and abroad